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Yeh Rishta kya kehlata Hai: Merry- Go- Round clash for Arohi Akshara (Upcoming Twist)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on March 11, 2023 12:47 PM (IST) | Publication:


Yeh Rishta kya kehlata Hai: Merry- Go- Round clash for Arohi Akshara

Yeh Rishta kya kehlata Hai: Arohi wants Akshu to leave Udaipur with Abhinav


The twist and turns of the longest running television daily soap of Yeh Rishta kya kehlata Hai is doing great miracle with family high voltage drama and action.

The story telling that represents the value of both families of Goenkas and Birlas are now facing a roller coaster ride.

Earlier, Akshu (Pranali Rathore) is seen in Kaushali with her second husband Abhinav (Jay Soni) and son Abhir whose bloodline is related to Abhi (Harshad Chopra).

After six years Akshu is back at her Home Town Udaipur to meet her family.

Soon, the favourite on screen couple Akshu and Abhi crash each other that arises many tensions.

As it turns out Abhi realises that he is still in love with Akshu and he rushes in to have a chit chat.

There of Abhi meets a brutal accident where it becomes clear that Abhi wanted to see Akshu.

Arohi comes with a request

As soon as Abhi regains his consciousness Arohi reaches to Akshu to ask for a favour.

Akshu reaches to say that Akshu should leave Udaipur along with her husband Abhinav as she has a family now.

Moreover Arohi claims that Abhi is her future while Akshu has no role in Udaipur.

Now, it will be interesting to see what Akshu decides for her and Arohi.

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