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GHKKPM: Ashwini Puts Two Options in Front of Pakhi "Either Vinu Or Virat" (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on March 02, 2023

GHKKPM: Ashwini understood Both Sai and Pakhi pain 

In serial Ghkkpm, Ashwini(Bharti Patel) is on Crossroads to choose between either Sai's pain due to separation from her son and Pakhi's insecurity over losing her Husband and Son to Sai. 

Ashwini melted by Pakhi's crocodile tears called Sai Homewrecker but repents in later. 

Ashwini will be seen finding out a mid way to end this drama. 

One among Sai and Pakhi has to bear some kind of loss, if Pakhi wants Virat she'll have to leave her stubbornness of living with her son Vinu as well. 

Ashwini can't let both of them bear unfairness and proposed two options amidst Pakhi 

Pakhi Straightforward choosed Vinu knowing of Virat's Reverence for Sai. 

Now, Bhavani will help Pakhi have Vinu and will push Virat toward Sai. 

Ashwini has plans to play from both the ends. 

Will Pakhi stay by her words? 

Let's see that, in the upcoming episode of Ghkkpm with serial xPRESS. 

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