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YRKKH: WHAT! Abhimanyu about LOSE MEMORY! (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on February 04, 2023

YRKKH: Abhimanyu is about to lose his memory in an accident! 

Spoilers from Star Plus' famous show tells that the story is about to take a major turn with Abhimanyu's declining health post denied apologies from Akshara. 

However on a surface level Abhimanyu has decided to move ahead of Akshara's memories, it won't be as easy as he has thought it to be. 

Aarohi declining health and Muskan posting in Udaipur are some of the reasons for Akshara-Abhir and Abhinav temporarily shifting in Udaipur. 

Abhimanyu is about to go crazy eyeing Akshara and Abhinav bonding 

Abhimanyu will then have to eye the couple here and there which will work as sharp attacks on his heart.

All these things are about to make him crazy and a recent gossip indicates for Abhimayu to fall prey to drunk driving.

Soon after Abhimanyu's major accident he is admitted into hosputal where we will get to know he has fallen into Coma. 

It will be really interesting to see Akshara's concern for Abhimanyu she has graved till now coming out. 

What will be Abhimanyu's reaction to all this? 

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