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Imlie: ULTIMATE MOVE! Cheeni's proposal to Abhishek to instigate Atto envy (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on January 11, 2023

Imlie: Cheeni's check and mate move to get Atharva back 

In the Star Plus buzz-creating show Imlie, drama dosen't seem to take a backseat with current plot of Cheeni trying hard to earn back Atto by making him jealous. 

Cheeni makes a grand plan as suggested by Choti-Maa to get back Atharva on his knees for humiliating her.

Cheeni proposes to Abhishek(her Cheekushake) to make Atharva mad in jealousy eyeing her being in arms of someone else.

Cheeni's plotting backfired 

Cheeni's plan to make Atharva jealous and come back to Cheeni gets ruined with Athrava proposes to Imlie instead.

Imlie and Atto's vehicle of love takes a new turn with Cheeni now running behind Atharva and Atto resoluted to earn Imlie's regards.

The upcoming episodes featuring love whipping mid-Atto and Imlie and Cheeni getting hear burned eyeing them together would be an absolute drama roller-coaster.

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