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BhagyaLaxmi: Rishi kicked out of Oberio business by Virendra post revelation of his mistake (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on January 06, 2023

BhagyaLaxmi: Rishi's truth of that night laid open by Laxmi mistakenly 

ZeeTv's Tv serial BhagyaLaxmi has became a hub if drama post Sonal's entry, as she has webbed new plotting to disrupt Laxmi's life with threat of Mashika's rape drama.

Innocent Laxmi has became her target for revelation of the plan in front of Neelam and Kiran.

Neelam and Kiran develops hatred towards Rishi who is stooping lower in his own eyes die to the crime he hasn't committed by is accused for.

Rishi is thrown out of the house until he accepts marriage with Malishka 

As Malishka and Sonal had planned the Oberio has developed sympathy for Malishka and Rishi has became culprit in their eyes.

Virendrs upon knowing the truth makes Rishi pay for breaking Laxmi's trust.

Now, the reason for the divorce is opened up Oberio realized why it happened all of a sudden.

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