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Pandya Store: SAZISH! Sweta settles for small amount and sells Pandya Store (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on January 06, 2023

Pandya Store: Chachi brings new client for Sweta 

Star Plus's famous showbiz Pandya Store is geared with a new and surprising plot on the drama pedestal with Sweta's relentless efforts at selling the Pandya Store as soon as possible and selling it away.

Sweta's two major barrier for now between her and her dream to flee away from problem of Pandya's are to get a hefty dealing amount for Pandya Store and to make Krish sign divorce papers.

Sweta is plotting to sell Pandya Store for a price way lesser than what it is estimated at.

Chachi brings a new client for Sweta whom she had agreed to deal with.

Pandya Store's news of deal to reach to Pandya's 

Pandayas will become a singular strong entity against Swets to save their shop Pandya Store from getting seller.

Shiva has stepped inside boxing ring and Krish and Gaumi have resorted to odd jobs.

Pandya Store's destiny will be changed after Dhara's plan will take surface.

Will Sweta get her desired amount and Pandya's will lose their Store forever?

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