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Anupamaa: Babuji No Word policy leaves Vanraj guilty (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on October 07, 2021

Anupamaa: Babuji decides not to talk to Vanraj

Star Plus show Anupamaa is revolving around Vanraj’s anger and frustration towards Anupamaa and Anuj.

It seems that after creating lots of drama in Anupamaa’s bhumi puja Vanraj will be back in his house.

Later he will see Babuji coming home and gets tensed.

He will try to talk to Babuji and explain his side of the story as why he behaved in such a manner but Babuji will not listen to him.

Babuji will fold his hands in front of Vanraj and walks out without uttering a single word.

Babuji angry with Vanraj

This will leave Vanraj in guilt as he cannot see his father feeling ashamed for his act.

Vanraj will try to talk to Babuji but he will avoid listen to Vanraj and walks away.

Will Vanraj be able to make Babuji realise his side of the story or not?

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