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Anupamaa: Anuj surprise gift to Anupamaa leaves Vanraj & Baa uncomfortable (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on September 15, 2021

Anupamaa: Anuj gives gift to Anupamaa

Star Plus show Anupamaa is making a lot of head turn with its storyline.

It was earlier seen that Anuj will go to Shah House to have breakfast with them.

He will bring a gift along with him for Anupamaa as a mark of respect.

Anuj will give his mother’s ghoongroos to Anupamaa as she is a dancer just like his mother.

He will emotionally reveal that his mother had made those since she was very good Kathak dancer but was not able to wear them even once hence he bought this for her.

Vanraj and Baa will not like the idea that Anuj is giving Anupamaa gifts and trying to get close to her.

Anupamaa understand Anuj

However Anupamaa will be very grateful towards Anuj and will understand his feelings.

Will Anupamaa be able to understand Anuj’s true feelings or not?

Will Vanraj and Baa allow Anupamaa to move ahead in life?

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