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Kavya: Kavya ROAR in Anger as Rajeev Bansal gets suspended (Upcoming Story)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on November 16, 2023 09:54 AM (IST) | Publication:


Kavya: Rajeev Bansal gets suspended

Sony Entertainment Television latest show Kavya Ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon is based on a young girl named Kavya and her struggle to become an IAS Officer.

It seems that Kavya is very upset that her father has been thrown behind the bars even though he is innocent.

Soon things are going to get very complicated as Kavya will make it her ambition to prove Rajeev Bansal’s innocence.

Shockingly Kavya will reveal a letter that will be for Rajeev Bansal and it will be revealed that he has been suspended from his work.

Kavya knows that Rajeev was very sincere towards his work and hence will feel sad that her father has to go through so much of pain.

Shockingly Kavya will decide to stop crying and fight for her father as she cannot let anyone destroy her father’s career and life.

Kavya fights for right

Shubh will be seen standing by Kavya and supports her decision.

Will Kavya be able to pull the strings and get justice for her father or not?

Stay tuned for more such news and updates.


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