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BKAS: Kuldeep Vulgar MEMES go viral on social media Kunal full of vengeance (Upcoming Story)

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si: Kuldeep vulgar memes goes viral

Star Plus’ latest offering Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si is a love story based on the background of music Industry.

It was earlier seen that Vandana will catch Kuldeep’s collar as he tries to cross his limits.

The reporters will catch this moment and make vulgar memes out of it leaving Kuldeep and his entire family in state of shock.

Kuldeep will fall on ground as he will realize that he has lost respect in the eyes of the society forever.

He will be seen holding Kunal responsible for this situation as due to him Vandana and her family were invited in the party and this incident took place.

Kunal will be seen taking an oath that he will ruin Vandana and her family’s happiness forever.

Kunal furious with Vandana

This is going to be the biggest turning point of the show as Kunal will not be able to forgive Vandana and her family and plots against them.

Will Kunal and Vandana be able o understand each other or not?

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