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Anupama: Pakhi DRUGGED by Romil’s friend Anupama freaks out (Upcoming Story)

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Anupama: Pakhi drugged by Romil’s friend

The upcoming episodes of Star Plus show Anupama revolves around Romil revealing the truth.

It seems that Romil will finally reveal in front of Anupama that he wanted to seek revenge from Adhik and hence staged the entire drama of kidnapping Pakhi.

However his intension was only to scare Adhik and later leave Pakhi.

Anupama will be seen getting aggressive towards Romil as he has done a huge blunder.

Shockingly Romil will call up his friend to know where Pakhi is and will be shocked to k now that his friend had drugged Pakhi so that he could control her as she was making a lot of noise.

Anupama will be shocked to know that her daughter was drugged and now she has gone missing.

Romil will be extremely scared as he knows Anupama will never be able to forgive him.

Anupama angry with Romil

Later Anupama will be seen taking Romil to Kapadia House to expose his lie.

Will Ankush and rest of the family be able to forgive Romil or not?

Will Anupama be able to relax or not?

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