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BKAS: Mrunal claims Vandana’s insecurity reason behind Character Assassination (Upcoming Episode)

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si: Mrunal makes shocking claim against Vandana


Star Plus’ latest offering Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si is a love story based on the background of music Industry.

It seems that Vandana will get Bobby and Mrunal in Malhotra House after Bobby tried to commit suicide.

She will keep a close watch on Mrunal’s activities and feels that she is hiding something.

She will notice Vaibhav calling Mrunal continuously and gets suspicious.

She will reveal the same in front of rest of the family and questions her motive behind still talking to Vaibhav.

Mrunal will start claiming that Vandana is jealous of her relationship and hence pointing fingers on her character as she doesn’t want her to stay happy with Bobby.

Bobby will be seen taking Mrunal’s side as well.

Bobby takes Mrunal side

Will Kunal and Vandana be able to fix this problem?

Will Mrunal really ruin Bobby’s life or not?

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