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Pandya Store: Prerna Introduced by Krish as his "To be Wife" cyclones of drama ahead (Upcoming Episode)

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Pandya Store: Krish self-decision to marry create ripples in relations

Star Plus TV show Pandya Store is about to feature some drama goals post disclosure of Krish Pandya self granted permission to marry his choice of girl named Prerna. 

Suman will be seen accepting Prerna wholeheartedly. 

Dhara will be at first hesitant and suspicious but will soon realise Prerna's value. 

Prerna is there to win everyone and Krish introduces her to be his wife spontaneously which will upset Suman a little bit but later Prerna will earn everyone's love. 

Dhara-Prerna bonding 

The wall came mid-off Krish and Dhara will come off to be ended by Prerna who will make things a little more open for each of them creating space for apologies. 

Krish and Dhara's bettering relationship will grant Prerna full support from Dhara. 

But soon a major roadblock called Shweta is about to take entry in Pandya Niwas. 

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