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Jhanak: Anirudh career in Jhanak’s hand Bose Family in FIX (Top News)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on March 04, 2024 01:02 PM (IST) | Publication:


Jhanak: Anirudh career in Jhanak’s hand


Since its first glimpse, Star Plus latest romance drama Jhanak has created a wave of excitement amongst viewers.

It was earlier seen that Anirudh’s company will hire Jhanak as their new face.

She will be seen turning into a model and this is going to be the biggest turning point of her life.

Bose Family will be seen not happy with Jhanak’s modelling assignment as they feel she will get wings to fly.

They will try to stop her from doing so that Anirudh will fake that his job is at stake of Jhanak doesn’t reach their on time.

The Bose family will get helpless as they don’t want Anirudh to suffer at any cost.

Jhanak face Bose family anger

Jhanak will try to get blessing from the elders of the house but she will any get rejection and humiliation in return.

Will Jhanak be able to make a difference in her life or not?

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