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GHKKPM: Unbelievable! Nishikant SCRIPTS Ishaan Savi’s End (Serial Update)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on January 29, 2024 12:32 PM (IST) | Publication:


GHKKPM: Unbelievable! Nishikant SCRIPTS Ishaan Savi’s End

GHKKPM: Nishikant puts Ishaan and Savi in danger         


Star Plus Show Ghum Hai KissiKey Pyaar Mein revolves around a compelling storyline.

It seems that Bhosale Family is not ready to accept Ishaan and Savi’s marriage at any cost.

Nishikant will take things in his hand and plans to kick Savi out of Ishaan’s life forever.

He will get Savi kidnapped by goons and plans to sell her in Nepal.

Savi will be smart enough to understand that she might be in some danger and will run away from the goons.

Ishaan on the other hand will realise that Savi is in danger as she is missing from her hostel.

Ishaan will be seen sacred and looks for Savi everywhere.

Savi will also not give up so easily and gives tough fight to the goons.

Nishikant puts Savi in danger

Will Nishikant’s step be able to separate Ishaan and Savi forever or not?

Will Ishaan be able to save Savi or not?

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