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GHKKPM: Double Dhamaka! Savi interrupts Durva & Sam's engagement (Serial Update)

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GHKKPM: Double Dhamaka! Savi interrupts Durva & Sam's engagement

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein: Savi interrupts Durva and Sam's engagement


Star Plus Show Ghum Hai KissiKey Pyaar Mein revolves around a compelling storyline.

It was earlier seen that Savi will come to attend Durva’s engagement along with her sister Harinee.

Durva will not be happy to see Savi in her engagement party but Ishaan will request her to stay calm as Savi is his guest.

The Bhosale Family will also feel uncomfortable with Savi’s arrival but will try to focus on Durva instead of Savi.

Soon the time will come when Durva and Sam are going to exchange the rings but Savi will suddenly make an entry and slaps Sam in anger.

The Bhosale Family will be shocked to see Savi misbehaving with Sam and will not know how to react.

Savi slaps Samarth

Later Savi will reveal in front of everyone that he is her ex finance Samarth who is a goon and drug addict.

Shockingly Durva will show trust in Sam and kicks Savi out of her house.

Will Ishaan and Savi be able to save Durva or not?

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