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Barsatein: Unreal! Reyansh special gesture of Love for Aradhna (Serial Update)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on September 19, 2023 12:54 PM (IST) | Publication:


Barsatein: Unreal! Reyansh special gesture of Love for Aradhna

Barsatein: Reyansh special gesture of Love for Aradhna


Sony Entertainment Television’s Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka brings forth a stormy romance drama set in a newsroom.

It seems that Reyansh wants to make Aradhna’s birthday extremely special as he feels responsible for ruining her happiness.

He will be seen asking Pooja to go to Aradhna’s house with cake and celebrate her birthday and smartly make Aradhna witness it through video Call.

Aradhna will be seen getting extremely emotional as she has been disowned by her own family due to her mistake.

Aradhna will be shedding tears as she will recall the time she spend with her family and loved ones.

Reyansh without letting Aradhna know has given her the biggest joy of her life.

Pooja will also get emotional as she will help Aradhna connect with her loved ones.

Aradhna will once again go back in past and remember the good time she spent with her family who no longer want to keep any connection with her.

Aradhna misses family

Will Aradhna be able to unite with her family or not?

It will be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

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