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GHKKPM: Rajat notice Ishaan’s Picture tries to know Savi’s Past (Future story)

Submitted By: SerialxPRESS Admin on July 03, 2024 07:02 AM (IST)


GHKKPM: Rajat notice Ishaan’s Picture tries to know Savi’s Past

GHKKPM: Rajat notice Ishaan’s picture with Savi


Popular drama series Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is constantly high on drama. The storyline is filled with lots of interesting twists and turns.

It was earlier that Rajat and Savi are having continuous argument with each other due to various misunderstanding.

Soon Rajat will notice Ishaan’s picture and gets suspicious.

He will want to know Savi’s relationship with the man in the picture and tries to dig out the truth.

Savi has never discussed about her past with anyone and keeps Ishaan and her memories very close to her heart.

Rajat has no idea that Ishaan was her first husband who died a tragic death and Ishaa is actually Savi’s mother-in-law who wants her to marry at any cost.

Rajat understands Savi’s pain

Rajat will be seen getting emotional as he will realise the pain that Savi has gone through over the years.

Will Rajat and Savi be able to forget their bitter fights and stand for each other or not?

Will Savi and Rajat be able to love and understand each other or not?

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