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Kavya: Beyond Limits! Adiraj to know Omi’s involvement in Navya’s Death (Future story)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on February 03, 2024 07:26 AM (IST) | Publication:


Kavya: Adiraj to know Omi’s involvement in Navya’s Death


Sony Entertainment Television latest show Kavya Ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon is based on a young girl named Kavya and her struggle to become an IAS Officer.

It was earlier seen that Adiraj will go to Rajeev Bansal as he is ashamed of his brother’s action.

Rajeev will reveal that he can get forgiveness only if he finds out who was behind Navya’s death.

Adiraj will be seen reopening Navya’s case history and comes to know that the Medicine Company that gave wrong medicines and due to that Navya was forced to commit suicide belongs to his older brother Omi.

This will hit Adiraj very hard as he will have to make a huge decision to save Omi or throw him behind the bars.

Adiraj complicated situation

Things are getting very complicated as Adiraj will not be able to come to a decision.

Will Kavya be able to know truth about her sister’s death or not?

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