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YRKKH: Somber! Abhira shares Shivani’s SAD Story with Armaan (Future Episode)

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YRKKH: Somber! Abhira shares Shivani’s SAD Story with Armaan

YRKKH: Abhira shares Shivani’s story with Armaan


Star Plus' "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" continues to captivate viewers with its gripping narrative and intense drama.

It seems that Madhav and Vidhya have never disclosed in front of Armaan about his biological mother.

Armaan does know his biological mother’s name or how she looked.

Abhira will be seen going to Armaan and will try to heal his heart by making him aware of his real mother’s identity.

She will show him Shivani’s pictures and will reveal about her real personality.

It is going to be very difficult as Armaan will have an emotional breakdown as he will realize the pain that his mother had to go through due to Kaveri.

Armaan life full of pain

Armaan for the first time will understand the pain and suffering of his father who was forced to marry Vidhya against his wishes.

Abhira will be seen helping Armaan calm as he will come to know about his real mother.

Will Armaan be able to forgive Kaveri for spoiling so many lives due to her arrogance and ego or not?

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