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Kavya: Checkmate! Kavya gets Anjali Bansal arrested (Future Episode)

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Kavya: Checkmate! Kavya gets Anjali Bansal arrested

Kavya: Kavya gets Anjali Bansal arrested


Sony TV show ‘Kavya - Ek Junoon Ek Jazba’ stars Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Mishkat Varma. Sumbul will be playing the role of IAS Officer Kavya who is married to an IPS officer. The story will revolve around Kavya who will make many sacrifices for her career.

It was earlier seen that Giriraj will play his cards very well as he traps Anjali Bansal in fake case.

He will reveal in front of Kavya that if he gets arrested than her mother Anjali Bansal will also go behind the bars as all the money taken as bribe has been taken in her name.

This will leave Kavya in state of shock.

However Kavya will not go back by her principles and will go and get her mother arrested as well.

Kavya makes huge blunder

Adiraj will try to stop Kavya from doing this blunder but she will stick to her duty as she has full faith in the law and order of her country.

Will Kavya be able to get her mother out of this problem or not?

Will Giriraj succeed in his ugly plan or not?

Stay tuned on for upcoming updates.

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