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MWG: DDLJ Style Romance! Rahul Silly Prank on Mauli (Future Episode)

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MWG: DDLJ Style Romance! Rahul Silly Prank on Mauli

Mendi Wala Ghar: Rahul Silly Prank on Mauli


Sony Entertainment Television's 'Mehndi Wala Ghar' is a family drama about the Agrawal family of Ujjain. The show expresses the perspective of a decades-old Mehndi tree that adorns the family courtyard and portrays a sympathetic depiction of the various characters found in each family.

It was earlier seen that Mauli will get drunk and will propose Rahul.

Mauli will later sleep without realising the big blunder she made by telling her feelings to Rahul.

Rahul will play a silly prank on Mauli and tells her the next morning that they spend the night together in the same bed.

Mauli will be seen shocked and panics.

This scene will remind the viewers of the iconic scene from DDLJ where Shah Rukh Khan plays similar prank on Kajol.

Rahul confesses love to Mauli

Rahul will scare Mauli and will later confess his love to her as well.

Rahul will request Mauli to accept his love and go with him to Mehndi Wala Ghar to inform rest of the family about their relationship as well.

Will Rahul and Mauli be able to unite or not?

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