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GHKKPM: Tamasha! Reeva cancels Lectures in College Savi face Hard Question (Future Episode)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on February 08, 2024 11:38 AM (IST) | Publication:


GHKKPM: Reeva cancels Lectures in College


Star Plus Show Ghum Hai KissiKey Pyaar Mein revolves around a compelling storyline.

It seems that Reeva’s first day in college after Ishaan and Savi’s marriage is going to be very hard.

Things are getting very ugly as Reeva will have to face lots of judgements by her fellow colleagues.

She will be reminded about the fact that Ishaan left her and married Savi and made a fool out of her love.

She will not be able to face Savi and rest of the student in her class and hence decides to not give lecture in college and leave.

Reeva turns negative

This is going to be the biggest turning point of the show as henceforth Reeva will decide to fight for her love and get Ishaan back in her life at any cost.

Will Reeva be able to unite with Ishaan or not?

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