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Anupama: Vicious! Malti Devi Poisons Anuj’s mind against Anupama (Future Episode)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on November 15, 2023 07:51 AM (IST) | Publication:


Anupama: Vicious! Malti Devi Poisons Anuj’s mind against Anupama

Anupama: Anuj mind poisoned by Malti Devi


The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Anupama revolves around huge twist in storyline

It seems that Malti Devi hates Anupama and the ways she is still in contact with her ex in laws and takes care of them leaves Malti Devi full of anger.

Malti Devi will be seen slowly poisoning Anuj’s mind against Anupama and making him realize that he is not Anupama’s priority.

This will affect Anuj as once again he will start doubting on Anupama and her love towards him.

Anuj will be seen comparing himself with rest of Shah Family and feels that Anupama is more attached to them since her kids stay there.

Anuj will be seen trying to show a bigger heart and not question Anupama but this truth will stay in his mind forever.

Anupama angry with Anuj

Will Malti Devi be able to succeed in her mission to create rift between Anuj and his loved ones or not?

Will Anupama be able to stop Malti Devi before it’s too late or not?

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