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Ek Dujhe Ke Vaaste 2: Devraj begs Suman to save Shravan’s life (Upcoming Twist)

Ek Dujhe Ke Vaaste 2: Suman saves Shravan’s life

Ek Dujhe Ke Vaaste season 2 is currently witnessing Suman and Shravan’s love story.

It seems that Suman and Shravan are planning to get married.

However destiny has something else in mind and Shravan will go missing.

Devraj will soon come to know about it and gets tensed.

Shockingly Devraj will go to Suman and begs her to bring his son back at any cost.

Suman on the other hand will make a promise to Devraj that she will leave no stone unturned to bring Shravan back.

Devraj will show full faith on Suman as he knows that Suman loves Shravan a lot and cannot see him in trouble.

Suman daring move revealed

Will Suman and Shravan be able to unite or not?

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