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Kasauti Zindagi Ki: Shivangi know about Prerna huge sacrifice leaks hidden truth to Anurag (Upcoming Twist)

Kasauti Zindagi Ki: Anurag stops Prerna Navin marriage

The upcoming episodes of Star Plus daily popular show Kasauti Zindagi Ki will witness some interesting twist and turns.

It was earlier seen that Anurag (Parth Samthan) is behind Navin as he knows that he is not the right guy for Prerna (Erica Fernandes).

He will come to know that Madhuri is Navin’s first wife and will plan to expose Navin.

Shockingly Shivangi will come to know that Mohini blackmailed Prerna to marry her brother Navin or else she will take over her house.

Though Prerna will stop Shivangi from telling the truth to anyone but Shivangi will inform the same to Anurag.

Shivangi life changing decision

It will be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

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